Printing a Pull Sheet

This video shows the process of printing a pull sheet using our software.  A pull (or pick list) is a document that indicates which items should be taken from your inventory to fulfill orders. This is particularly useful for shippers with a large amount of inventory, volume of orders, or customers ordering many SKUs.

In order to complete this, you need to open a sale and make sure you have a shipment added to the order.

printing a pull sheet

See the video below for instruction:

Printing a Pull Sheet

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Video Transcription

Hello. It’s Mike, Finale Inventory. This short demo we’re gonna show you how the process of printing a pull sheet for your sales order if you’re doing those from within side Finale Inventory. Let’s get started. So from your home screen, you would probably wanna be going to a sale. So I’m gonna use the view sales. I’m gonna pull open a sale here. Sorry, I’ve got my screen a little bit narrow. But we’re going to pull open a sale. And you would say, “How do I print a pull sheet?” So normally, you would maybe go to the Action menu and then you don’t see a print pull sheet from the Action menu because pull sheets aren’t designed to come from the shipment. So you need to make sure that you have a shipment added to the order. So you’d go to the shipment tab.

Now your next task here on printing a pull sheet (or printing a pick list) would be to make sure that you’ve got something to ship. So if you look here, the screen is telling us that there’s one of this pant item and one of the shirt item on the order. We got it in stock. I want you to notice something. See all the yellow. Yellow is kind of warning you. The shipment is empty. But let’s go ahead and maybe see what happens. So I’m gonna go to the Action menu, and look at that. There is a print pull sheet. So I’m gonna choose print pull sheet. When I do, I get this, and it says nothing. There’s nothing to pull. Well, that can’t be true. They ordered two items. Why does the pull sheet not tell us what to pull? Well, the answer to that is your shipment’s empty.

So if you notice right here, you haven’t told us what you’re going to ship. So you need to do that. Now you can just click here and type all [SP] I’m gonna ship one. Now I’ve only typed in one of the items, okay, or a shortcut is basically use the blue link that says update shipment to match the order. Okay now I’ve done that. But you also might come into this condition when you do that that we’ve updated both of them and maybe it’s telling you that your shipment cannot be packed or shipped since the sub-location hasn’t been specified, so maybe for one or for all of them. And that is you got to tell Finale where you wanna ship it from.

So you can use this link here and you can pick that you wanna ship them all from one specific location. Normally, that’s a good idea. So in your case, you may only have one location. So you may not even have that. If not, I’m going to just pick one and say ship it from that location. Okay. So once I do that, I get all of my menu settings and I get my buttons here.

Now notice, I haven’t actually shipped this. So remember shipments have statuses. It’s just in edit mode. I really have not shipped this yet. I’ve just said what am I about to ship. So once I have that, make sure you hit save now. You gotta hit save now otherwise these entries in your shipment columns aren’t saved. So the report or the pull sheet can’t access them. So now if I go to action, print, pull sheet. Guess what? We’ve got something on here. So it’s now telling us where to pull them from, what to pull, and how many to pull. That’s how you print a pull sheet.. Enjoy.