Printing a Pull Sheet

This video shows the process of printing a pull sheet using our software.  A pull (or pick list) is a document that indicates which items should be taken from your inventory to fulfill orders. This is particularly useful for shippers with a large amount of inventory, volume of orders, or customers ordering many SKUs.

In order to complete this, you need to open a sale and make sure you have a shipment added to the order.

printing a pull sheet

See the video below for instructions:

Printing a Pull Sheet

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Video Transcription

Hello, good day. This is Shaquille with Finale Inventory. In this short video demonstration, we’ll be showing how to print a pull sheet in Finale Inventory for your sales orders.

So a pull sheet is a great way to provide instructions to your warehouse staff on where to pull inventory from for select orders. So, of course, we need an order to generate a pull sheet. So let’s go ahead and navigate to our sales section in Finale. We can find our order that’s still open. At this point, we can start allocating inventory for the order. So we can see an itemized list. But when we’re talking about generating a pull sheet, we really need to understand that the pull sheet is actually using the shipment.

The shipment is going to decide where inventory is being pulled from and where we can stage inventory. So we’re going to navigate over to the shipment screen here, and we can use this hyperlink to populate the shipment with the contents from the order. So we can see right now the shipment is empty. There are no quantity amounts loaded into the shipment. There are only quantity amounts for the order. When we select this option, it’s going to pre-populate it with the nearest available inventory from the sub-location. So in some cases, you might have only one sub-location. But in cases where you have more than one sub-location and you need to change where inventory is being pulled from, since you have inventory in more than one location, you can feel free to change that at any time. So I’m going to go ahead and change this location to my main location. You can see that the inventory quantity amount will change.

At this point, we want to save changes and we can go ahead and print a pull sheet now to reflect where to pull the inventory from. So this document here you can see now reflects that we’re pulling inventory from our main sub-location and our K main sub-location and the respective products and quantity amounts associated with it. There’s also a section to detail how many units were pulled if that’s being recorded for paperwork and signature sections as well. Of course, these documents are completely customizable, and we have tutorials on how to customize those documents as well for you that you can find on our Help Center.

If you have any questions about how Finale Inventory is able to generate pull sheets for your orders, feel free to reach out to us at, and we’d be happy to help.