Purchase order split shipments

Finale has the ability to handle the complex scenario of receiving split purchase orders shipments back to single purchase order. An order may be divided across split shipments at different times or from different locations.

There are several common scenarios where split shipments are required.   You may have a large purchase order with a Chinese-based manufacturer, and the supplier may elect to fulfill the order by sending multiple containers at different times to complete the purchase order.

Another common scenario occurs when one or more items on the purchase order are backordered.  Your vendor will likely immediately send you items that they can fulfill so you are not waiting for the entire shipment. Backordered items will most be delivered in subsequent shipments.

Lastly, you have a purchase order and elect to have to the vendor ship half the shipment to the first warehouse and the remaining shipment to the another warehouse located in another state.

Order Split shipments

Video Transcription of purchase order split shipments

Hi, this is Michael Laham with Finale inventory in today’s video, we’re going to discuss how to receive a partial shipment within a purchase order. Before we begin, I just want to emphasize that this is a procedure common in many businesses. Receiving a partial shipment may happen if your supplier has back-ordered items and don’t want you to wait for the entire shipment. Another use case may be if your vendor sends half of a shipment to one warehouse and then the other half to another warehouse in another. If this happens, you’ll need to partially receive the shipment. So let’s head into finale and I’ve already created our purchase order that we’re gonna be receiving shipments for.

So let’s go to our purchase tab and head to our purchase orders. And let’s go to this very first purchase order I have here. So in this PO we see that we have three products, our red, blue, and black polo shirts. So let’s go ahead and receive these products. So we’re going to go ahead and click shipments.

And let’s say that we received half of our blue and red polos. So we’re going to put in five and five here, and let’s just say that we received 10 of the black ones. We’re going to go ahead and select receive shipment. So that’s how we’re going to get our partially received products in. So we’re going to click that and submit, and I just wanna show you the changes that, that made on the PO.

So we’re going to click back into our purchase. And we see here on our status that we’re still committed, but our shipment status is now partially received. Also want to show you really quickly, if you go back in our shipment tab, we have a report inside of finale that will show your outstanding purchase order items.

So we’re going to go ahead and click this really quick. And I just wanna show you how fast we’re actually able to get the report up. So we see here that our quantity ordered is that 10, 10, and 15. And we received half of the red and blue and 10, and this shows us the remaining units that we still need to receive for this PO.

So we’re gonna head back into our purchase order and receive the rest of our shipment. So we go in here and I’ve already added a new shipment to receive the rest. So we’re gonna click into this shipment and we see here, this is the remaining quantities that we need to receive. So I’m just going to go ahead and type this in just for your sake. So we need to receive five. So that’s going to update for us and we’re going to go ahead and receive the shipment.

And then if we go back into our purchase tab, we’ll see that our status has changed. So this is fully received. And then if we click back out and go into our purchase order list, screen, we’ll see that we’ve received multiple shipments for this purchase order. And that will conclude how to partially receive shipments on a purchase order.

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