Recognize Product Kitting and Bundling Costs

Understanding the real costs of finished goods is crucial for making informed business decisions. Finale Inventory allows you to easily track product kitting and bundling costs, and sync the data to QuickBooks Online automatically. 

Please watch the video to learn more about how to recognize product kitting and bundling costs. 

Recognize Product Kitting and Bundling Costs

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Madison from Finale Inventory, and today I’m going to talk about how easy it is in Finale to track your cause across your kits and bundles. So we make it really simple for you to add your build materials, create your assemblies, and produce that finish. Good. So I’m going to navigate us to our stock screen here.

And we have a few sample products I created. So we have celery, our carrots, our apples, our oranges, and a bundle of all these items. So let’s click into our bundle and scroll down to our bill of materials section.

And here we have our apples, oranges, celery, and carrots in the quantity to produce one finished good in one of each of these components. And given the quantity on hand of my components, I can see I have a potential build quantity of a hundred. So I can make a hundred bundles given my quantity of the components.

So let’s go to our build screen and let’s create a finished Good. So let’s just use a system build id. Let’s type in our bundle here.

Now we can create our built at our Q to produce and start and complete in one step. So now that we’ve created one finished good, and consumed one of each of our components, let’s go to our view stock screen and see if the stock levels have changed. Perfect. So we can see here that our quantity on hand for our bundle has now increased to one.

And the quantity on hand for our components has decreased by one because it was consumed in that build. And if you also see, we have this average cost now being populated of 10 44. And if we go to our accounting header and our general ledger and search for that product, we’ll be able to see the value change in our inventory asset account.

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