Sales Revenue and QuickBooks Online

Finale Inventory is able to sync your sales data to QuickBooks Online automatically. This allows you to obtain consistent, efficient, and accurate financial reports in real time.

Please watch the video below to learn more about how Finale syncs sales revenue to QuickBooks Online. 

Sales Revenue and QuickBooks Online

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Madison from Finale Inventory, and today I’m going to talk a little bit about how Finale syncs your sales as revenue to QuickBooks Online. So in Finale, we can go to our gear icon in the top right-hand corner, our application settings, and then under the accounting tab, this is where the QuickBooks Online configurations are.

And I’m going to jump down to this section right here. And this is how we can specify in Finale what we want to sync to QuickBooks as far as our revenue. So if you are pulling sales into Finale from multiple sources as well as doing B2B or wholesale type of glitters we would like to use, we would most likely use this source filter here to determine exactly what Finale is syncing to QuickBooks online.

So for example, if you’re using something like a two X to sync your e-commerce information to QuickBooks Online and you want to use FINALE to sync your manual orders, so for example, in this source setting, I would choose manual orders only. So if I set this sales source to manual orders only, this means that Finale is only going to sync sales data from our manual order sales source to quicks online.

No other sales order data will be synced to QuickBooks online, just our manual orders. This setting is particularly helpful when you’re using other software like, um, like I mentioned before, a two x because this allows us to basically prevent duplicate information from being synced to QuickBooks. So let’s come into our sales order screen here and create a new manual sales order.

So my customer is going to be Jake. Going to select the warehouse, and I’m going to choose my source. So I’m gonna say this is a manual order, so I’m gonna ship out 75 apples and 80 bananas. And the price I’m giving them to him for is $5 per apple and $4 per banana. And of course, any. Shipping or discounts will want to add in this adjustment area.

So I can say that it was $20 for shipping. And here we have our manual sales order. I’m going to create an invoice now, and the invoice is the data that gets synced to QuickBooks. So let me create. And Finale will let me know my sale is fully shipped, fully invoiced, and it advises me to complete it. So let’s go to my integrations tab and let’s run our QuickBooks task.

This task does run by itself automatically every five minutes, but if you want it to sync sooner than that, you can always come in here and run it yourself. So once I can read that invoice, I can come in here, and I can sync the integration. And now back in QuickBooks, I am able to generate my balance sheet report.

And I can see down here that my accounts receivable has been increased by seven 15. And that is due to our. In our most recent transaction with Jake, we were also able to view that invoice. In QuickBooks as well, as well as process the payment. So in QuickBooks, you can see your accounts receivable have increased your inventory evaluation account has decreased.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the QuickBooks Online integration, please feel free to email us