Experience Finale's Unmatched Barcoding Solution

Finale Inventory's turn-key barcoding and labeling solution helps sellers reduce picking errors with on-the-spot quality checks-creating more efficient, more accurate warehouse processes-all at a fraction of the cost of a custom system.

Experience Finale's Unmatched Barcoding Solution

Barcode inventory management solution

Finale Inventory's comprehensive barcode solution helps you manage and track your inventory more efficiently than ever before with recommended barcode scanners, custom barcode labels, and multi-user scanning.

As part of Finale's larger inventory management platform, sellers have the flexibility to work with any barcode scanner and benefit from streamlined warehouse workflows.

With preferred hardware vendors and scanners pre-installed with Finale's Barcoding App, your team can easily adopt a barcoding solution.

Barcode Inventory Management Solution

With Finale Inventory's all-in-one
barcode solution, you can:

Finale Inventory's all-in-one barcode solution

Increase your team's productivity with barcoding to support efforts from intake receipt, to pick, and ship by pinpointing the exact placement of stock within specific sublocations.

Reduce human error and save time by accurately locating products within the warehouse.

Improve accountability within your warehouse through tracked employee actions such as POs received or orders picked.

Create and print custom barcode labels, eliminating the need to purchase additional software for label generation.

Barcoding can enhance your
warehouse operations when…

Receiving shipments

Using barcoding with Finale means your team can scan products or even batch products for faster and error-free product reconciliation.


Receiving Shipments



Order picking

The barcode scanner optimizes pick routes, suggests the most efficient paths, and minimizes wasted movement. With Finale, the entire picking process is simplified, leading to faster order processing and improved warehouse productivity.




Counting stock

Barcoding expedites collecting stock take data and cycle tracking information, providing insights into sales patterns and demand trends. These insights enable businesses to fine-tune their inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and prevent oversolds and overstocking.

Transferring stock

Finale's barcode scanner facilitates stock transfers, enabling the seamless movement of stock between different sub-locations within a warehouse to transfer stock from one location to another with ease and accuracy.

Ontario Beer Kegs



"Through [Finale's] wireless barcode scanning system, we have increased both productivity and accuracy. Using the "guided picking" feature, order picking is a breeze and easy for old and new employees to understand as the scanner determines the most efficient picking order and guides them to the correct standard bin."

Experience our wave picking method

Orders are effortlessly scanned with Finale's built-in barcoding system. Teams benefit from the remarkable speed and improved accuracy of wave picking in their workflows, as demonstrated in the video.

See more about how Finale's barcoding solution works with our step-by-step video guides.

Embrace Finale's barcoding and see how it enhances:


Track and identify individual components within kits and bundles creating an effortless workflow.

Serial Numbers

Ensure every single item is accounted for, leaving no room for errors.

Warehouse Management

Explore how barcoding facilitates efficient inventory control and organizes processes.

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