Wave Picking

Improve your efficiency and accuracy with barcode wave picking

wave picking

Wave Picking is used to describe the ability of a WMS to combine multiple orders within a wave for “batch picking,” which can significantly reduce the number of trips. The “wave picking” part refers to the short interval nature of scheduling the picking sessions, which allows the assignment of orders into groups (waves) such as date, store(s), shipping carrier, high priority orders, or other parameters.

Fewer trips to pick the same number of orders reduce costs, increases productivity, and allows you to stay ahead of the competition. Wave Picking is quite effective in large facilities that have thousands of SKUs.

Wave picking is best utilized when the number of picks per order is medium to high, and orders are picked from various zones simultaneously providing a very fast method of picking.

Interactive wave picking leads your pickers around the warehouse in the most efficient way possible, by targeting which items to pick next, rather than which orders. This makes interactive wave picking ideal for multiple multi-item orders, because pickers won’t waste time backtracking and going back and forth across the warehouse to fulfill orders one-by-one.

When creating a wave picking session, you’ll start by selecting the sale order to be included in the session. The consolidated pick list of the session is quickly done by scanning the barcodes of the orders to be included in the session. With each scan, the scanner will aggregate the products into a consolidated pick list and will guide the picker with the most efficient route.

The scanner will alert the user where to go and tell the user which item to pick. When the items are scanned, the scanner will tell the picker which slot on the cart to put the item in. This process is continued until all the items have been picked.

With each scan during the picking process, Finale will confirm the item scanner is on the consolidated pick list and will alert the user the barcode of the scanned product is not on the list. Additionally, the scanner will also confirm that the product was put into the correct slot on the cart for quality control.

Check out the video below to learn more about our wave picking batch order picking solution.

Note shown in video: WiFI syncing also available