Keeping Up With Order Fulfillment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the pandemic significantly impacts consumer’s lifestyles worldwide, online orders are becoming increasingly popular. With many customers staying at home in quarantine or preferring not to venture out, companies must quickly expand their order fulfillment capabilities. If your business has encountered challenges in order fulfillment, you’re not alone. Across the country, online supply chains and e-commerce sites are navigating a new era of sales. 

How the COVID-19 Virus Impacts Order Fulfillment

The complexities and unknowns of the COVID-19 virus have created order fulfillment pain points that many companies have not navigated before on such a large scale. These new challenges include: 

  • Labor shortages. With employees going into quarantine or falling ill, many companies don’t have enough people to complete their regular workload.
  • Slower raw material shipments. In areas heavily affected by the coronavirus, the production of raw materials may have halted or significantly slowed down.
  • Travel bans blocking production abroad. Because of travel restrictions, companies may be unable to supervise or carry out their overseas production.
  • Product scarcity. The combination of travel restrictions and raw material and labor insufficiencies has caused numerous product shortages across many industries.
  • Greater demand for online delivery. While all these factors are slowing down order fulfillment capabilities, customers are ordering online more than ever.

To combat these challenges, you need the right strategy to protect your business and continue to serve your customers well. 

Innovative Order Fulfillment Strategies

The new normal is all about finding cutting-edge ways to seamlessly balance order fulfillment with rising demand. Keep these essential order fulfillment tips in mind to navigate the COVID-19 virus’s challenges.

  • Think ahead: Plan for sudden changes and be ready to adapt with a streamlined backorder process, a sales channel prioritization plan and incentives to keep waiting customers satisfied.
  • Pay attention to your data: Dive into data analytics and pay attention to your customers’ buying behaviors and patterns so that you can anticipate and adapt to changes.
  • Expand your supplier network: With the challenges of getting supplies internationally, keep your options open and build relationships with local suppliers and distribution centers.
  • Be trustworthy: In a confusing time, be the provider your customers can trust by keeping prices reasonable and maintaining transparency about shortages and delays.

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