eBay Inventory Management Integration LIVE!

Based on your feedback, we have been cranking away and adding many integrations the past few months.  We are extremely excited to announce that Finale Inventory now has the ability to auto update stock levels back back to your eBay marketplace.  This has been one of the top, if not the top, customer request over the past year so we are very eager to share the news to you and get this feature in your hands.

eBay autostock update

Through a direct integration with ShipStation, Finale consolidates orders from your selling channels (Amazon, eBay and common shopping carts) to keep track of your inventory stock levels and will then update stock levels to your marketplaces every five minutes to prevent overselling. Finale’s third party integrations makes it easy to centralize your orders & inventory while selling on multiple online selling channels.

When you make a sale on eBay, inventory is automatically adjusted in Finale. If you’re also selling on Amazon or your BigCommerce store, your inventory stock level will automatically be adjusted there, too. Conversely, when you make a sale on Amazon, inventory is automatically adjusted in your BigCommerce store and your eBay marketplace.

Please click here to learn about our eBay inventory management solution.

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