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ShipStation Inventory Management Software For High Volume Multi-Channel Retailers

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The ShipStation inventory management solution makes both inventory management and order fulfillment easier than ever.  Finale's Shipstation inventory management solution is the perfect complement to ShipStation. A common pattern for e-commerce companies using ShipStation is to accept orders from one or more marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or a company's own website, and to manage the warehouse shipment process of those orders using ShipStation, marking the orders as shipped when done. Nowhere in this process, however, is a record kept of how many items a company has on hand at any given time.

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If your company has this shipping process, you can add Finale Inventory to keep track of your stock on hand without changing anything about your existing shipping process. Using ShipStation's API, Finale communicates with ShipStation behind the scenes to watch the orders that are marked complete and to copy those orders into Finale to record that the items have been removed from inventory. In addition to keeping tracking of inventory stocks levels, Finale can be optionally configured to auto-update stock levels to your marketplace and/or configured to sync transactions to your QB Desktop/QB Online account.

ShipStation Inventory Management Overview Video

(Video transcription contained at bottom of page)

Simple Integration

Integration with Finale Inventory literally takes seconds to set-up as only your ShipStation login credentials are required to connect ShipStation to Finale. With the ShipStation inventory management solution, there are NO changes required to your current ShipStation configuration to immediately start syncing orders to Finale Inventory and effectively managing your inventory.   Lastly, Finale originated orders can be synced to ShipStation for shipping and fulfillment.

Restock Forecasting

Running a growing business is hard.  There’s a lot you have to keep up with.  Leveraging the sales velocity of a product, Finale will automatically calculate dynamic reorder points based on your inputs – supplier lead time, desired safety stock, and expected sales growth — to make smarter, faster-purchasing decisions.

Restock forecasting from Finale gives you one less thing to worry about. When your inventory gets low, we’ll send you an alert letting you know it’s time to send out a purchase order. You can email the purchase order directly from Finale, and when you receive your shipment with Finale, Finale will update all your channels with the will be updated stock quantities.


Auto Update Inventory Stock Levels To Online Marketplaces

Anytime the available quantity of a product changes, Finale can be optionally configured to auto-update stock levels to prevent overselling. Running out of stock can be detrimental to your business. In addition to lost sales, overselling creates unhappy customers, negative feedback, and lower rankings. Worse, online marketplaces like Amazon will disallow you from selling if overselling becomes problematic.

With auto updates on the ShipStation inventory management solution, you can say goodbye to manual updating! If a sale is made on one website, Finale will automatically update inventory levels across all of your sales channels. We track product levels 24/7, and sync across marketplaces approximately every 5 minutes. Please visit our integrations page for a complete list.

Product Kitting

Present more selling options to your prospective customers by setting up kits or bundles from your existing "child" products. When a kit is sold, Finale does the work behind scenes and will properly decrement the inventory stocks levels of the child products.

ShipStation Inventory Management Software Integration

Integrated Mobile Scanning Solution

Finale’s integrated barcode scanner software works with any Windows Mobile or CE barcode scanner to allow warehouse workers to efficiently perform warehouse operations with fewer human errors. Functions such as receiving, picking, conducting stock takes, and stock transfers are quick and easy.

Advanced batch picking operations, wave picking or pick and pack, will significantly increase productivity and decrease picking errors. The integrated scanner picking operations will be able to leverage the packing slips printed from ShipStation.

When the operations are completed, simply sync the data from the scanner to Finale making the changes available to everyone.

Amazon FBA Support

If you have some orders fulfilled by Amazon FBA, Finale will leverage the ShipStation inventory management integration will centralize your inventory to provide you an immediate understanding of stock counts in your warehouse and FBA warehouse.

ShipStation Inventory Management Software Integration

Multiple ShipStation accounts integration

Multiple ShipStation accounts can be integrated into a single Finale account.  This capability is useful for customers who are shipping from multiple countries as ShipStation require customers to have separate accounts, one for each country.  Many customers who fulfill both in Canada and the United States have this dilemma and leverage Finale to easily centralize their inventory.

Lot and Serial Number Tracking

Finale Inventory allows you to create and track your products via batches, lots, or serial numbers. The inventory complexity compounds and become more challenging when tracking of batch codes, lots, or serial numbers are required. Finale makes it easy to keep track per-stock-unit information from the start (receiving or manufacturing) to finish (shipping the products).

The integrated turnkey mobile barcode solution eliminates error and speeds up operations with advanced features like automatic barcode learning and product lookup tables. Picking products with lot ids for ShipStation orders is a snap with Finale and the integrated mobile barcode scanner solution.

ShipStation Inventory Management Software Integration

Multiple Marketplace Support

Effectively manage your inventory from multiple marketplaces (e.g. eBay, Amazon, and Magento) via ShipStation. Finale supports over 30 marketplaces and shopping carts and supports every marketplace ShipStation supports. When ShipStation adds a new marketplace, we will support it on the ShipStation inventory management solution.

Easily associate multiple SKUs to a unique Product ID

With the ShipStation inventory management solution, when selling products in different marketplaces (e.g. Amazon and eBay), you may be forced to have different SKUs for the same product. Many customers manage this unnecessary complexity with Excel worksheets. Finale Inventory handles this with a couple of mouse clicks to properly keeps tracks on your inventory.

Many companies attempt to manage this scenario with multiple Excel worksheets that are constantly changing. Finale Inventory automates this process and handles this use case with a product lookup table to keep an accurate count of inventory stock.

This implementation allows you to maintain the same marketplace SKU and as a result, your marketplace placement stays intact as you do not lose the valuable sales history of a product.

Click here to get more information and see a video tutorial.

ShipStation Inventory Management Software Integration

Reduce the order fulfillment time by knowing what orders you can actually fulfill

Instead of having team members continually check aisles and bins to confirm what orders can be fulfilled, Finale Inventory can automatically alert team members orders that can be fulfilled in ShipStation. When orders sync down, Finale will check the inventory stock levels, determine which orders can be fulfilled, and change the order status in ShipStation. When a company receives hundreds of orders a day, this capability can significantly streamline the warehouse operations and reduce the time required to pack and ship an order.

When products are back ordered, orders containing those products are typically marked as "On Hold" in ShipStation. When additional products are received in your warehouse and recorded in Finale, Finale can quickly change the order status from "On Hold" to "Waiting" in ShipStation with a single mouse click. View this handy tutorial to learn how to turn this order status change configuration on.

Support High Transaction Volumes

Conduct a large number of transactions or need to keep track of a large of products? No problem. Finale Inventory can support up 2 million products and up 500K transactions per month, and the architecture is constantly scaled to support even higher volumes. High transaction customers should consider leveraging our integrated turnkey mobile barcode solution to decrease warehouse operations times from receiving and picking while improving accuracy.

Avoid Stockouts

Keep your business humming along by creating product count thresholds to know what needs to be reordered to avoid costly stock-outs.

ShipStation Inventory Management Software Integration

Easily Handle Drop Ship Orders

Do you use drop shippers to fulfill some of your ShipStation orders? If so, Finale makes it easy to manage both your traditional and drop shipped orders in the same workflow. Using the same workflow allows you to main your purchase orders and sales orders in a central location. There is no longer a need to manage your traditional and sales orders on different Excel worksheets. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.


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Video Transcription

Hi. This is Chinh Nguyen from Finale inventory. In this demo, we're going to demonstrate the ShipStation inventory management integration. For the folks that don't know ShipStation, what ShipStation is, it's a very popular shipping software used by e-commerce sellers. So let's open up Finale so we can kind of see it in the interface. So in this product here, what we're going to use is this wagon. So this is the red wagon and we have 8 in stock and what I want to bring our attention to is the product ID is 10006. So I go back to ShipStation here, before this demo, I went ahead and created a test account, it's called testorders test1 and it's for two wagons. And what I want to bring our attention to is see this SKU here? It says redwagon1 which is different from the Finale product ID 10006, and this is a very common issue when you're selling on multiple channels like eBay and Amazon.

Your pair of jeans that may have a product 10000 may have a product ID of 123 on eBay and on Amazon, it's xyz. So it becomes very complex when you have multiple SKUs that correspond to the same product and Finale has a quick and easy way to resolve these issues on the fly. So it allows you to map 5 or 10 or 20 different SKUs back to the same product ID and decrease the complexity of trying to manage all these different SKUs. So let's show you how that's done.

So I go into Finale, where I see my orders is the Connections page and the Connections page is where all the integrations are and I've all ready set one up called ShipStation and it's set to sync to automatic mode which means we're syncing down orders from ShipStation every five minutes and look for any new orders or orders that have changed status. So as you see here, there's a warning. It says 1 sale with warning. What does that mean? So if I click on here, it's basically saying that I have this order test ID test1 and the issue is there's no product lookup for that redwagon which is the product, that SKU that we created just now.

How you address that is just basically click on that and you just type in the product that you want to associate this with. So example, so in the future, any time we see this redwagon1, it's mapped to product 10006. So that's how we address the mapping. So now it's fixed. If I go back to my Connections, it's set to automatic but I'm just going to mainly sync it so that way it runs faster. We'll just give it a moment. So now it's running and it should be okay now. So it's okay. If I view my status log here, it says that this order is processed...okay, at this time.

All right. So now, let's look at the sales order and if you want to click on it, type it in, you'll see basically, you know, we pulled down all the information here. Here's the redwagon for two units, here's the address, here's the order number. So everything's kind of pulled down. If I go back to my View stock, let's refresh the screen real quick to make sure it's [inaudible 00:03:13] this information. The order is in the awaiting shipment state, correct? So if you go down to the red wagon, if you see here, see how the quantity is still eight? We have eight on hand but we only have six available. So if I click on this, you're basically saying that we're reserving two for that test sale. Perfect. All right.

So now let's say that now your team processes the order and they ship it. So I'm just going to basically manually ship it and just kind of fake it here. So I'll go Marked as Shipped. Mark as Shipped is the equivalent to you're printing a shipping label. So I'll just type in, you know, some...a tracking number here. I hit Mark as Shipped. So it's changed state [inaudible 00:03:58]. So normally, we pull down the order again every five minutes. I'm just going to mainly run it now.

And if I view my status log, if I just want to see what happened, it says basically now it's set to complete. So if I go back to my View stock and I'm just going to refresh that to see what happens, what should happen is because we marked as shipped and that we basically shipped the package. So it's left our facility, the quantity on hand now should be decremented. So let's click on here. And there you go. So basically, now the quantity at hand is six. That's a quick illustration of how our ShipStation inventory management integration works in terms of syncing down orders. Some other things that the integration can do is basically you can also use this for reordering, you know, [inaudible 00:04:55], the set threshold but also in another video, I'll show you what we do when we have an order and we push it back up to the Merge marketplace so that way you don't oversell.


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"Finale and ShipStation have proven to be a really powerful combination for us. It has totally transformed the way we pick pack and ship. The process is so smooth and so foolproof anybody can step in on any given day and start picking successfully."

-Brett Haney, President,    Microfiber Wholesale

"Keeping track of inventory across multiple e-commerce channels can be just as taxing as streamlining fulfillment for online retailers. By partnering with Finale Inventory, we can help alleviate these pain points for our customers.”

ShipStation Inventory Management Software Integration

Robert Gilbreath, VP Marketing, ShipStation

ShipStation Inventory Management Software Integration

Learn how StrongerRX is prospering using Finale and ShipStation.

"Our business has been grown dramatically over the past few months, and we quickly realized we needed an inventory management solution to get control of our inventory. We leverage ShipStation for order fulfillment and found the Finale Inventory to be a perfect complement to keeping accurate stock counts. Going forward, I can focus on other aspects of the business as our inventory management operations is now more streamlined and efficient."

Omar Cordero president of StrongerRX

Omar Cordero, President/CEO, StrongerRX

Finale can tackle the challenges facing eCommerce Businesses with an ease that I cannot believe.

”Many eCommerce businesses face challenges from many different aspects of the sales/inventory flow; here at Bapmic Auto Parts Inc., we were no exception. As a large company with channels in eBay, Amazon, WalMart, and local sales, we desperately needed a ROBUST and COHERENT warehouse/sales management system.  I was surprised in my research to find very few comprehensive solutions that would supply us with all the tools needed to unify our operations.  Then, I stumbled upon Finale...needless to say, I was extremely, and pleasantly surprised. Finale's ability to leverage ShipStation for inventory and order recording is second to none. The ease of setup, operation, and customization is a refreshing change in the world of open source, cumbersome solutions, versus overpriced, over-complicated systems.

5/5 Stars

Aaron W.
Oct 9, 2018

Exceptional Inventory Management Software

”Using the Finale inventory software with ShipStation integration has allowed our company to automate and streamline our order processing and inventory management, dramatically saving time and money. Finale does a wonderful job of allowing us to keep track and stay on top of ordering the multiple components that make up our products we sell. With a simple and direct approach, we were able to be up and running in an incredibly short amount of time. Finale's customer service has been very prompt and helpful. Highly recommend this software to anyone who is managing an inventory and looking to save time and money! .”

5/5 Stars

Martin B
Deus Modern
April 29, 2018

The Best Customer Service and a Great Product to Manage Inventory

”My immediate first impression is the AMAZING positive customer support during implementation of Finale Inventory. The training, tutorials and available tools have provided an efficient way to resolve any questions when maintaining inventory with the Finale Inventory application. This company continues to expand its software features, and I look forward to more options as they grow. The integration with other software programs such as BigCommerce, ShipStation, and Square was a smooth process. I would highly recommend them when considering great customer service and an affordable inventory management system. ”

5/5 Stars

Stacey W.
The Rag Company
Dec 12, 2017

Finale Inventory - the answer to our e-commerce dilema

”While launching an in-house fulfillment center for a mid-sized brand management and marketing company, I ran into a major obstacle. We were attempting to accurately debit and report sales post- shipping. The IMS we were using (a competitor of Finale, recommended by ShipStation) told me I was "using their system incorrectly" and could not offer a solution to support our simple, quick and efficient method of processing high volume orders. After speaking with several of ShipStation's recommended IMS providers, Finale was the only one who said "yes" and gave us exactly what we needed. Set up & integration was quick and seamless and I could not be happier with the ease of use and reporting. The ongoing support I receive from the Finale team has made me a raving fan!”

5/5 Stars

Todd S.
May 27, 2018

Finally, an inventory solution that fits all of my needs

”I've compared MANY different Inventory Platforms before landing on Finale. What ultimately sold me was the incredible value they punched for the price.  I had several criteria that I needed to fulfill for our startup company, several of which were matched in other inventory platforms, but NEVER all of them. Once I found Finale and how they fulfilled all of our needs, I thought it was too good to be true, but it wasn't.

The integration of multiple selling channels including ours (Woo), was of course, necessary. Next, I wanted the inventory to be automatically deducted, which works PERFECTLY with their integration with ShipStation (our shipping platform, a match made in heaven).”

5/5 Stars

Charity A.
Leget Supplelements
May 25, 2018

Finale is the best SMB inventory, orders and returns management system on available on the market!

”Finale integration works great! all the order information comes right to ShipStation and then to Finale to sync inventory to the other marketplaces almost instantly.  Finale has a simple look and interface which may look old fashion comparing the new fancy looks but you should know to "not judge a book buy it's cover"!  Finale works fast, really fast! importing new information, sync orders and inventory and many more.”

5/5 Stars

Steve B.
Antelope Shoes
Jan 13, 2018