Improvements to ShipStation inventory management integration

We recently made some ShipStation improvements to give more visibility on the progress when syncing records down from ShipStation or up to ShipStation.

A) Syncing records from ShipStation to Finale

When you click on the green “Sync x items down to Finale” button, you will be directed to a new screen that will highlight the progress of the syncing.   When synching is completed,  the dialog will give a confirmation and will list the synced orders.
B) Syncing update status from Finale to ShipStation (optional)

For those syncing back order status change, a similar screen as above will be presented to highlight the progress and communicate when Finale has completed changing the status (from On-Hold -> Awaiting Shipment) for orders that can be fulfilled.

If you’re using this optional process, please remember it is best to complete syncing records down to Finale before pressing the “Sync to ShipStation” button.

Additionally, we improved the usability of the ShipStation by replacing the blue filter buttons with a more standard drop-down menu.

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