Walmart multichannel integration now Available

Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and products from third-party retailers are displayed alongside Walmart’s own products and are called Walmart Marketplace items. Walmart has made an aggressive push this year to increase to the number of third-party seller to expand its online assortment and gain ground on Amazon.  Walmart is now the third largest marketplace trailing only Amazon and eBay.
The Walmart multichannel integration is ideal for online sellers offering their product on multiple channels.

walmart multichannel

To support our multi-channel eCommerce sellers, Finale is happy to announce our direct integration with Walmart Marketplace.  Our Walmart inventory management software keeps accurate stock counts and improves your operations by (1) updating the online channels to prevent overselling and (2) providing notifications when certain products are running low and need to get reordered.

Once an order is placed, the order flow is

1) Walmart orders sync down to Finale

Integrations with ShipStation and ShippingEasy, Finale will keep accurate track of stock levels as Finale syncs down Walmart  orders and order from other selling marketplaces (e.g. Amazon and eBay).

Finale manage the complexities of multiple marketplace skus and eliminates the need of maintaining complex Excel pivot tables to associate multiple skus to a single product id.  Additionally, if you offer kits or bundles for sale on the marketplaces, Finale will automatically decrement the inventory stock of components that make up the kits.

2) Finale updates your Walmart listings (and other marketplaces)

Streamlined integrations with ShipStation and your online selling marketplaces and shopping carts mean that when you make a sale on Walmart, inventory is automatically adjusted in Finale. If you’re also selling on eBay or Amazon, your inventory will automatically be adjusted there, too. Conversely, when you make a sale on Amazon, inventory is automatically adjusted to your Walmart Marketplace listing.

The Walmart multichannel solution seamlessly automatically update stock levels to your Walmart Marketplace listings and other selling channels to mitigate overselling products.

Please click here to learn about our Walmart multichannel inventory management solution.

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