Finale Inventory vs TradeGecko

A TradeGecko Alternative for Inventory Management

Don't get caught without an inventory solution when TradeGecko sunsets.

Try Finale Inventory, an Award-Winning Inventory Management Solution designed for eCommerce customers

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Why Finale Inventory is the Best Alternative to TradeGecko

Finale Inventory outperforms TradeGecko in nearly every category

Companies all across the globe are choosing Finale Inventory as their Inventory Management Software.

From Finale's robust eCommerce capabilities syncing orders into the software and managing the marketplace inventory to prevent overselling, to the full featured mobile barcode scanner solution, it's easy to see why thousands of companies trust Finale Inventory.

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Finale Inventory vs TradeGecko

eCommerce inventory sync across all sales channels
Multi-warehouse capability
Sales driven inventory forecasting and reorder points
Purchase order and supplier management
Integration with sales channels to import sales orders
Mobile barcode scanning solution
Vendor billing and sales invoicing
Lot ID / serial number / batch ID tracking
Fully customizable reporting
FBA included in all subscription tiers
International marketplace support (Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, and more)
US-based customer support
Free training, support, and onboarding

Benefits of choosing Finale Inventory

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Icon - Wireless Barcode Scanning

Mobile Barcode Scanning

Finale Inventory offers a full featured Android mobile barcode scanner solution to manage your inventory, receive your purchase orders, and pick pack and ship your orders.  Since Finale Inventory's mobile barcode scanner runs on Android, we're fully compatible with any Android device.

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Icon - Multichannel Integrations

eCommerce Inventory Management

With over 40+ integrations and counting, Finale Inventory allows you to connect to all of your marketplaces and selling channels (such as Amazon, eBay, etc.) to keep all of your listings and orders in sync.  Finale Inventory continuously manages and updates stock levels automatically, ensuring you'll never overall your products again.

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packing shipments
person pulling inventory in a warehouse
icon - Centralized Inventory

Advanced Inventory Control

Finale Inventory is the best cloud inventory management software on the market today for business large and small.  Finale Inventory will easily allow you to grow into a high-volume, multi-channel, multi-warehouse eCommerce business by providing you with all the tools needed at every step of the way.

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Icon - Barcode Label Generating

Lot ID, Serial, and Batch Tracking

Finale Inventory will provide you with full visibility into your lots, serialized inventory, inventory batches, and expirations.  We ensure full traceability from beginning to end, as well as all of the reporting and history you would ever need. Rest easy knowing Finale has a full record of all of your transactions and inventory movements.

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Manufacturing date and expiry date on some pharmaceutical packaging.
Supplier bills and payments
Icon - Landed Costs and Accounting

Inventory Accounting and Landed Costs

Always have a trusted source for your inventory worth using Finale Inventory's landed costs capability.  From Vendor Bills to Sales Invoices and everything in-between, Finale really is your one stop shop for all accounting and reporting needs. In addition, Finale offers a QuickBooks Online integration to quickly sync bills, sales invoices, and asset valuations to your QuickBooks Online account.

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Icon - Powerful Insights

Quick to Set Up, Easy to Onboard

Finale Inventory's world class support and easy to use interface ensures that your setup time will be short and accurate.  We're with you every step of the way providing assistance as needed, so you don't spend time learning a software when you should be focusing on growing instead.

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Group reviewing data in Warehouse

So much more than just an inventory software.

Not only is Finale Inventory a great TradeGecko alternative for managing your inventory, Finale Inventory also comes with an advanced suite of warehouse and order management features too!

Let Finale Inventory manage your entire retail operation from a single page instead of using multiple apps and programs for your inventory, accounting, and WMS needs.

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"Before we started using Finale we had an order error rate of 2-3%, so that means out of 100 orders that we shipped, we’d hear from 2 or 3 customers complaining that they got the wrong color, they got the wrong size, they got the wrong quantity.  On average, since we started using Finale, we’ve gone to 0.2% error rate.  We even went 30 days without a single shipping error."

Brett Haney

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"Finale has been a perfect solution for our growing business. Our business manufactures items that require assembly and kitting. Finale's ability to manage and track each component individually as well as when complete kits are sold is very advantageous for our business.

Jeff Sposito


"Manscaped has using Finale for two years now, and it has never let us down. From production to distribution Finale handles it all. Set up & integration was quick and seamless and I could not be happier with the ease of use and reporting. The outstanding support I receive from the Finale team has made me a raving fan!"

Todd Spendley

VP Operations, Manscaped
Man stacking boxes in warehouse

"Before finding Finale Inventory we were having major inventory control issues. Managing inventory at our 10 warehouses was a challenge but Finale Inventory's simple, easy to use platform was quickly able to solve all of our inventory control issues.They are a big reason why we continue to move up the list of America's top 500 growing companies."

Mike Gilberg

Logistics Manager, LifeAid

"Finale Inventory changed everything for our company. Instead of having to spend hours tracking parts and pulling together orders, we are now able to monitor everything simply using a mobile barcode scanner and a computer. On top of that, their customer service and technical support team has been phenomenal, as it has allowed Finale to change and adapt to our specific industry and company needs."

Josh Moog


"If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them."

Andres Orjuela