Cloud Inventory Management

Cloud Inventory Management Software for your Growing Business

Whether you have one office or multiple locations, Finale Inventory will offer you better control of your inventory and as your business grows, we will scale with you.

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Cloud Inventory Management System

Finale Inventory is a cloud-based software platform that helps with inventory and warehouse management. As a result, it offers a range of benefits for organizations of any size. While its cloud-based architecture is just one of the many features of our product, it's one of the most important, as its flexibility, security, and convenience is key to driving your success.

Why Choose Cloud-Based Order Management Software?

In a cloud-based software to maintain inventory, information is stored in a secure online database, where users with the proper authorization credentials can access it from any web browser or mobile device. This process contrasts with local storage databases, where information is kept on-site in a physical server or hard drive. Cloud inventory systems have multiple advantages over this type of system, including:

  • Convenience: The most significant benefit to cloud-based inventory management is that it puts the data you need to run your business right at your fingertips. Cloud systems provide a real-time look at your inventory and pending orders from any connected device — whether you're in the office or out on the warehouse floor.
  • Data integrity: With a cloud-based system, you'll always know you're looking at the most recent information. There's no need to worry about issues like security breaches or duplicate files. The process is seamless — and especially useful in high-volume facilities or operations with multiple locations.
  • Scalability: Cloud-based systems scale upward to accommodate the growth of your business. That means you'll always have the storage space you need to manage your inventory, and you'll never have to purchase expensive IT upgrades or waste time with software updates.
  • Low maintenance and operating costs: Because there's no on-site server to maintain, your maintenance costs will be more predictable with Finale Inventory. We offer easy-to-understand price structures with a commitment-free, fixed monthly fee.

Finale Inventory works on both Mac and PC systems and can even accommodate mixed worksites. We design our product to be easy to use and easy to implement into your workflow — and we stand behind it with some of the best customer service in the industry.


Inventory Management with Finale Inventory

On paper, there are clear benefits to using a cloud inventory system like Finale Inventory. But what does that look like in practice, and how can you benefit from the advanced functionality of our product? Here are some of the main reasons it's worth it to switch your order management system. Our product:

  • Provides centralized inventory tracking that syncs with online sales platforms such as Shopify, marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, POS systems like Square, accounting software like QuickBooks and databases like Excel
  • Contains tools to quickly and accurately conduct stock audits that identify discrepancies and help you solve problems using your historical sales data
  • Has extensive shipping and packing capabilities, with next-level functionality such as the ability to send orders in multiple shipments or track the packing and shipping stages as separate operations
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Finale Inventory is one of the most feature-packed inventory management software platforms on the market.  Our product contains a wide range of sophisticated, intuitive tools that help with all aspects of running a productive business.  Let's take a look at what separates Finale Inventory from other inventory management systems.

  • Cloud-based Architecture: Finale Inventory stores your data in a secure cloud platform that updates in real time and is accessible from any internet-connected device. As a result, you always have access to the latest updates to your stock. Our program is cost-effective and easy to run with your current IT infrastructure.
  • Inventory Management: Centralized inventory management allows you to quickly keep track of all of your inventory to ensure that the stock levels are accurate and up to date.
  • Multi-Warehouse Support: If your inventory is spread out across multiple warehouses or locations, keeping track of it — or moving stock between sites — will be simple with Finale Inventory. And because our system is scalable to support businesses of any size, we'll be there for you when it's time to grow too.
  • Order ManagementIntegrate and consolidate all of your sales into one system to make order management simplified.  Our system integrates with all of your sales channels and marketplaces to keep your inventory levels accurate and up to date.
  • Purchasing and Replenishment: Finale offers full purchasing capabilities to maintain your incoming shipments. Finale Inventory also offers automatic restock forecasting.  Using your sales history, we can accurately calculate dynamic reorder points that anticipate the best time to request more of a given item. As a result, you can maximize your warehouse space with minimal risk of running out of a popular product.
  • Detailed Cost AnalysisAs a data-driven platform, Finale Inventory lets you look at your inventory in a variety of ways. Drill down to analyze  per unit, gross profit margins and other useful metrics.
  • Inventory Accounting and Landed Costs  Finale’s accounting functions and reports complete the full picture by providing a record of each financial transaction to ensure accurate reporting of figures for financial reports, taxes, or regulatory compliance.
  • eCommerce Inventory Management: Store and track all of your inventory in one centralized software.  Finale Inventory will maintain and update all of your eCommerce marketplaces to keep all of your inventory in sync and eliminate overselling.
  • Warehouse Management: Finale's Cloud based inventory management system helps you track inventory operations at a single warehouse or multiple warehouses, offering robust capabilities like receiving, picking, transfers, barcoding, inventory sublocations, lot tracking, auditing, and more.
  • Barcode Inventory Management: Finale Inventory works great on its own — and even better connected to an Android based mobile barcode scanner. Our warehouse inventory management software offers out-of-the-box support for picking, receiving, transferring, stocktaking and other inventory management tasks. With WiFi connection, you can even transmit stock data for instant inventory updates.
  • Barcode Label GenerationDon't have barcodes for your products yet?  Not an issue!  Finale can not only use your existing product barcodes, we can also generate our own barcodes for your inventory.  Finale also has a very customizable barcode label generator for quick and efficient label printing.
  • Serial and Lot Number Tracking: In an inventory management system, serial numbers can yield insights that tracking by SKU or Lot ID can't — especially if you're in a highly regulated industry where accuracy is essential. One of Finale Inventory's most useful product features is its support for internally and externally generated serial number tracking, with or without barcode functionality.
  • Product Kitting and BundlingIncrease the number of selling opportunities by offering product bundles in addition to selling the products individually.
  • Light Manufacturing and AssemblyFinale offers an intuitive builds function to assist with product manufacturing and assembling.
  • Inventory Stock AuditingThorough stock auditing capabilities offer extensive insight into your inventory.
  • API: Unlock endless opportunities by developing a custom integration utilizing Finale's open API.


Learn more about Finale Inventory by reviewing our solutions page.

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  3. Asset Tracking

Learn more about Finale Inventory by browsing our website, or better yet, sign up online for a free trial of our industry-leading, cloud-based order management software.

Wish I'd found Finale years ago

”I've evaluated a few other solutions and for the money, Finale is great. There is a learning curve and it certainly helps if you're good with excel. But once you get things set up it's phenomenal. No more worrying about overselling - it syncs up with all our venues almost in real time. Also - and this can't be stressed enough - no more UNDERselling. We used to leave stock aside as a buffer to prevent overselling. Now we're confident keeping all that we have listed as stock changes (for breakage/miscount/etc) take seconds and are uploaded to all venues within minutes. I wish I'd have found this years ago!”

5/5 Stars

Christopher S.
May 17, 2018

Comprehensive Product, Great Customer Service

”Everything you want to do for your warehouse inventory tracking, Finale can do it. It has integrations with various website storefronts, warehouse scanner capabilities and a ton of automated reports you can customize.”

5/5 Stars

Katrina E.
Unnamed Method
May 17, 2018

Very intuitive inventory software and easy to setup and use!

”The best thing about Finale is the ease of use of the software. Everything is mostly self-explanatory and there is no need to spend a week training on the system because it is so easy to use.”

5/5 Stars

Rob S.
Best Value Vacs
April 30, 2018