Do You Need Inventory Management?

Inventory management is a critical practice for retail businesses. When you base your business on providing your customers with tangible goods, you need a place to store your inventory and a plan to distribute it to customers when they place orders with your company. It’s one thing to manage inventory for a classic mom-and-pop shop — but it’s more difficult when you’re a national or global business.

Definition of Inventory Management 

Inventory management refers to the process of storing, managing and tracking your inventory and getting it to your paying customers on time and in good condition. The more inventory you have to manage, the harder it is to conduct this process manually — which is why most companies who manage warehouses and distribution centers need software programs dedicated to inventory management.

With a good inventory management system that can scale with your business, you can avoid the costly aftermath of out-of-stock situations that most retailers run into nearly every year. Inventory management systems such as Finale Inventory’s cloud-based warehouse management software lets you track your inventory and adjust distribution logistics in real-time — along with many other benefits.

Who Needs Inventory Management?

As an integral part of supply chain management, inventory management tracks the journey of a business’s products from the manufacturing stage to the customers’ doorsteps. If your business manages a substantial amount of inventory, you need a system to properly manage everything. Retail businesses, eCommerce businesses, medical suppliers and others need inventory management for the success of their organizations.

Inventory management is critical for any organization that has to store and handle inventory. The larger the quantity and diversity of your inventory, the more complex inventory management processes become. That’s why implementing a custom inventory management system prevents losses associated with mismanaged inventory, human error, and other organizational risks.

What Types of Businesses Benefit From Inventory Management?

If your business manages large quantities of inventory, you need a warehouse inventory management system tailored to your specific needs. Online retailers, in particular, benefit from inventory management software due to the high volume of goods they sell and their typically wide geographical distribution range. 

The bottom line is that any business dealing with managing and distributing inventory needs some type of inventory management system in place. Implementing such a system and upgrading it as needed for business growth prevents inventory loss and other costly issues from hurting businesses or even stunting their expansion. With comprehensive inventory management solutions, tracking and managing your inventory becomes a seamless, efficient process.

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