Kitting / Product Bundling

In Finale Inventory, you can set increase the number of selling options by setting up kits or bundles and creating a new product. Kitting is an assembly process in which separate but related items are grouped, packaged and supplied together as one unit. Some refer to this process as product bundling, and the two terms are interchangeable.

When the kit is ordered, inventory is automatically decremented from each product that makes up the kit. This makes it easy for businesses who assemble their own products to track inventory levels of both finished goods and individual parts.

For example, you could offer a special “Weekend Warrior” luggage bundle consisting of a carry on and travel companion. The advantage of kitting is it allows companies to dramatically increase their listings on the selling channels without increasing its SKU count in the warehouse.

With inventory software in place, when a “Weekend Warrior” bundle is sold, the software will automatically adjust the stock levels of the carry on and travel companion

Additionally, if a two carry on pieces of luggage was sold as individual items on a different listing, the software will automatically update the new kits qty to the selling channels with two fewer kits now based on the new availability of the carry on luggage.

Creating the kit within Finale Inventory

Creating a kit is done in a few short steps.

1) Create the components or child product ids. In this illustration, my two components are bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Product Kitting Inventory Warehouse Management Software

2) Create a parent product ID for the kit. In this illustration, the kit will be a shampoo and conditioner combo

Product Kitting Inventory Warehouse Management Software

3) Click on the kit product to get access to the products details page and scroll toward the bottom of the page to see the Bill of Materials module.

With the bill of materials, list the child part numbers contained in the kit. In this kitting illustration, the kit is comprised of one bottle of shampoo and one bottle of conditioner.

Product Kitting Inventory Warehouse Management Software

If the bill of materials module is not visible, please make sure that the setting is turned on. Goto Application Settings >> Products and ensure the 'Use bill of materials" checkbox is clicked.


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Tutorial kitting video

This tutorial video demonstrates how to create a kit within Finale. Additionally, the tutorial gives a demonstration of the use of kits with our ShipStation integration and illustrates how inventory levels are impacted when a kit is sold on an external marketplace (e.g. Amazon or Walmart).


Video Transcription

Hi. This is Chinh from Finale Inventory. In this session, we're gonna show you how we handle E-commerce bundle or kitting sales. A bundle or a kit, as it's commonly known, is an SKU that's comprised of two or more different products. So let's open Finale and click on the view stock screen. In this demo, we're going to use the lavender and shampoo conditioner bundle to illustrate how everything works.

So, as you see here, we have 10 bottles of shampoo and 7 bottles of the lavender conditioner. So the first thing you have to do is, when you create the bundle, you have to establish the bill materials. You know, when we sell this, what do you want Finale to decrement. So you scroll all the way down here. You can click on the shampoo and the conditioner. And let's say this bundle, you know, is basically comprised of one shampoo bottle and one conditioner bottle. That's it.

So now we establish the bill materials. So, let's go back to ShipStation and before the demo I created a test order. So let's just kinda open up to kinda see what it looks like. So here, basically, it's just basically creating a test order for two bundles of the...or two units of the lavender shampoo and conditioner bundle. And right now it's in the awaiting shipment state.

So let's go to Finale and let's bring that order down so we can illustrate the kitting process. So it's in automatic mode and I'm gonna manually sync just to make it go a little faster and sync the order down. Yeah. So I go to my view status log here. We should see that bundle task and here we go. So it's basically, status set to committed. So it's a basic...still a committed order because it's in the waiting shipments state. So if I go to my view stock, and let's just refresh the screen here to make sure we're pulling the latest information down.

And if you see here, the quantity on hand is still 10 and 7 respectively, but do you see how the available drop for 2 units for each? And the reason why, if I click on this, you know, the arrow here, it's just basically saying we're reserving two units for each for the bundle test order. So now let's mark it as shipped. Gonna mark it as shipped and then put in some fake tracking data for this test.

You know, I imagine for you, you would just print out the shipping label. So we mark it as shipped. So the order has changed state from awaiting shipment to shipped. There it is. So now let's go back to our home screen and hit connections, and what should happen, if I run task now... You know, Finale's configured to sync down every five minutes, but you can force it to sync down quicker by hitting run task now.

So I go here and let's refresh the screen. What should happen is, is Finale should now because the product...the order is marked as shipped, we should see the quantity on hand decrease. So now the quantity on hand has decreased, as you see here. And if you click on, for example, stock history and type in shampoo, you can see a...basically an entire transaction of what just happened here.

So we did a stock change earlier to add 10 units to the inventory, and then basically from that bundle, that kit, that conditioner...shampoo, conditioner kit, we basically decrement two units because, you know, two bundles were sold and each bundle consists of one shampoo bottle and one conditioner bottle.

Finale has been a perfect solution for our growing business

”Our business manufactures items that require assembly and kitting. Finale's ability to manage and track each component individually as well as when complete kits are sold is very advantageous for our business. As well, the ability to synchronize inventory and transactions through our multiple sales channels allows us to rely on Finale as our single inventory management system. Lastly, the ease of use and set up has been refreshing as we were able to get started within a few days and training employee's is a breeze. ”

5/5 Stars

Jeff Sposito
Stone Glacier
Feb 5, 2018

Powerful enough to handle multiple channels with ease

”We use Finale to control inventory across 10 different sales channels, each with different selling profiles. We have individual products sold separately on one site which are sold together as a kit on another. Some of our channels sell products as options, others as individual SKUs. Finale handles all of this with a clean interface and minimal headache. My first impression was a bit hesitant as some features weren't readily apparent but a large part of that was finding the specific feature out of all the powerful tools available. And whenever we have had any questions/issues, customer service has been AMAZING.
TLDR Finale does everything we need it to and does it extremely well.”

5/5 Stars

Ben H.
March 24, 2018

Wish I'd found Finale years ago

”I've evaluated a few other solutions and for the money, Finale is great. There is a learning curve and it certainly helps if you're good with excel. But once you get things set up it's phenomenal. No more worrying about overselling - it syncs up with all our venues almost in real time. Also - and this can't be stressed enough - no more UNDERselling. We used to leave stock aside as a buffer to prevent overselling. Now we're confident keeping all that we have listed as stock changes (for breakage/miscount/etc) take seconds and are uploaded to all venues within minutes. Finale handles kits/bundles with no problem. I wish I'd have found this years ago!”

5/5 Stars

Christopher S
Hobbies Depot
May 17, 2018