Creating a Quote

Finale Inventory provides a simple interface for creating a quote for a customer and later to convert that quote into a sales order. This short video shows the process:

Creating a Quote

Creating a quote

Video Transcription

Hi. This is Will of Finale Inventory. I am gonna give you a quick demonstration of how to create a quote in “View quotes.” Starting from the homepage of your Finale Inventory account where you have blue links as commands organized from left to right modeling how products come into your company from suppliers into your inventory and then leave through sales to customers, naturally, the quote would be in the sales column.

For creating a quote, you just click on the “New quote” blue link. Pick a sales order ID for the quote. Select the customer. Pick some items that your quote would contain. You can either type in an item in free text here or you can pick a product from the products that you have in your product list. Save the quote. And that’s all there is to it.

If we go back to the homepage and now “View quotes,” we’ll see the quote that we just created. We can click on that quote and we get back to where we started with it. We could, of course, edit the quote to change it. Or if the customer is ready to convert that quote to a sales order, you can do that from the actions menu, “Create sales order from quote.” And now the quote has been converted into a sales order, and we have at the top of the screen the options related to sales orders.

Having done that, if I go back to home and “View Quotes,” we’ll see that the quote is now gone because it has been converted to a sales order. If we went back to that customer over here on the right to “View customers,” we can see that the customer that the quote was for, which was turned into a sales order, has all of these sales orders which we could then click on to get back to them quickly. If it had outstanding quotes, the quotes would be listed over here. But the one that we just typed in was SO1001. Clicking on that brings us back to the sales order again.

That’s a good leave off point for creating a quote. There is another video for talking about sales orders.

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