Asset Management

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Asset tracking software is the area of inventory management software dealing with equipment and other fixed assets that a company owns but doesn't sell to customers. Asset tracking software is relevant to rental companies, building contractors, production companies, installation contractors, and other many services that involve equipment, particularly those business for which assets may move around.

Every organization, whether government agency, university, small business, hospital or multi-national corporation, must keep track of its fixed and current assets. And there’s no more efficient, accurate and cost-effective way to do so than asset tracking with barcode labels. Anything that can be labeled or tagged can be barcoded.  Most asset management software can leverage existing barcodes (e.g serial number barcode on computers or other electronics) or can be used to print barcode labels.

Barcode systems are pervasively used in asset management software, but the barcode system itself is only the mechanism to label and scan items in physical inventories or as they move from location to location. The asset tracking software is the system that employs the labels and scans to give you up-to-date information about where your assets are currently located and to help you determine what assets are required at future times based on reservations.

Asset tracking software provides businesses with a variety of benefits:

  • Prevents material loss through theft or asset misplacement
  • Tells you where your assets currently are
  • Tells you if you've got enough equipment for future jobs
  • Enables you to improve your logistics based on asset requirements and availability
  • Lower on-hand inventory by improving material tracking, thereby improving the financial bottom line.

Examples of Finale Inventory in Use

To learn more about our cloud inventory management, please check out the capabilities and video tour to get more insight to learn if Finale may be good fit for your application.  With the cloud management system, you can quickly know where are your assets are at any given time

Here is a video of using Finale Inventory for asset management.

Transfer Stock with the Barcode Scanner