Dermaclara Gets an Inventory Glow-Up with Finale

Key results: automation and integration lead to time and money saved

  • Consolidated ledgers: 10+ hours of inventory reporting saved per month
  • Real-time data and custom reporting: Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) figures can now be calculated monthly instead of their previous quarterly cadence
  • FBA and QuickBooks integration: Streamlined workflows with seamless integration for their fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) operations and QuickBooks accounting software.

Dermaclara’s Search for Seamless Scale:

Dermaclara is a San Diego-based company that has created a medically formulated line of skincare products that address wrinkles and stretch marks using silicone patches. The 2017 start-up relaunched in 2020 to focus more heavily on their silicone patch products and immediately found themselves overwhelmed by rapid growth. These growing pains left a desire for further accounting efficiency and more robust financial integration. They decided to try other operational software including Cin7, but nothing matched the user-friendly interface and exceptional customer service they’d had with Finale. Their accounting integration still was not meeting Dermaclara’s needs.

Fast forward to early 2023. The Dermaclara team, including Stefanie Ostertag, their accounting manager at San Diego Business Solutions, a business accounting firm, and Dermaclara Head of Operations, Todd Spendley, found themselves revisiting Finale. The team was impressed to discover that Finale had evolved into an even more powerful solution than before. A key factor in their decision to return was the significantly enhanced integration with QuickBooks.

A Partner in Inventory Efficiency:

Dermaclara was frustrated with a lack of support and an interface that was not intuitive or user-friendly. The Cin7 accounting suite, lacked reporting and FBA integration that was a must-have for Dermaclara. Finale provides Dermaclara with a centralized, cloud-based inventory visibility, which captures a holistic view of the business in real-time. Finale also can give Dermaclara customizable reporting to meet their exact needs.  With  Finale’s custom financial reporting and seamless integration,  Ostertag noted the ability to calculate COGS (cost of goods sold) data monthly rather than quarterly. Data-driven decisions have never been easier, boosting the operations team’s confidence and efficiency. 

“In 2023, we were in a tight spot. Finale jumped right in with options, analyzing our workflows and offering solutions. It was very complete. They got us stabilized and then we were able to integrate and automate all the accounting as well.”

Todd Spendley, Operations and Logistics Management at Dermaclara

Each inventory valuation would previously take Ostertag 10-12 hours of reporting. Often, she reported, there were not enough hours available to get the level of clarity they were seeking. With Finale, inventory valuation is a stress-free 2-hour reconciliation that provides a holistic asset register of the entire business.

Finale’s Commitment to Customer Success:

Dermaclara succeeds not only with Finale’s technical features but also with the support  Finale Inventory provides to implement the software. Finale offers exceptional onboarding at no additional cost, ensuring customers like Dermaclara are up and running confidently using the full capability of the platform. Each customer receives a dedicated Technical Account Manager who provides ongoing support from onboarding throughout the life of their account. This was a stand-out reason, that Dermaclara decided Finale was the best fit for them.

“The customer service really shines. They have an answer to everything we have brought up. We just love Finale.”

Stefanie Ostertag, San Diego Business Solutions

Growing Together:

With Finale, Dermaclara not only gained efficiency, but grew sales orders. After 7 years of trials and tribulations, Dermaclara achieved their first million-dollar month. Currently, as they move from in-house fulfillment to using a 3PL (third-party logistics warehouse), Finale is with them every step of the way, rebuilding workflows and solving new pain points as they arise. Together with Finale Customer Success Manager, Brandon Galusha, the Dermaclara team is consistently supported: first by structuring their operations for efficiency and then applying an accounting perspective to integrate these operations with QuickBooks Online Advanced. From there, Ostertag can get a full picture of the financial health of the business..

“I like Finale and their system. I do my job better because they’re available. It’s been a win-win for everyone,” says Ostertag.

Unlock Your Potential

Dermaclara’s story is a testament to Finale Inventory’s commitment to helping businesses of all sizes achieve efficient, scalable inventory management. This success story was written in partnership with QuickBooks Online and features the potential unlocked by using QuickBooks and Finale together. Unlock your team’s potential and optimize operations. Discover Finale.